Release Notes - v1.1.7

Date of Release: December 27, 2019

New Features

1. Core platform

a. Schedule-a-Meeting node - more flexible display options

We've released a "compact" version of the schedule-a-meeting node. The benefit of this compact mode is so that the entire node is visible for website visitors using a shorter physical screen when they are interacting with the bot. We've heard feedback that sometimes the expanded view is not entirely visible to customers on shorter screens, so they get confused when they can't see certain options.


How to switch density/views

Here is the difference between the compact and expanded view as your visitors would experience it.


Schedule-a-Meeting node - Compact vs Expanded view

b. Zapier

Per popular request, you can now specify which bot(s) should trigger a specific Zap.


Trigger this Zap when a user completes the "custom-is-unhappy" goal in the "FAQ/support" or "KB-only-agent" bot

c. Connecting your Google or Office365 calendar account to Instabot

Easily connect your Google or Office365 calendar account without leaving the bot-builder or interrupting your flow!


Connecting to Google or Office365 calendar account

2. Agency customers

We've completed the release of our agency-reseller white-label solution with one last customization option. When visitors of your customer's website books a meeting, your customer will receive an email notification that is customized and branded to your agency instead of Instabot!