Release notes 2.0.48

Date of Release: Feb 13, 2023

New features

1. Core Platform

a. "Open take over" is now available for Admins only.

Now, all team members with non-admin status can only send messages in a live chat for conversations they have taken over, whereas users with Admin status can write to any live chat regardless of who has taken it over. This rule applies to both desktop and mobile applications.

b. Goal completion on "Phone Number" and "Email Address" nodes now has a verification gate.

This update applies only to "Phone Number" and "Email Address" nodes, regardless of the Goal associated with them, whether it is a standard or custom one. Users will receive a Goal and you will get a related notification if their answer on the mentioned nodes passes validation.

c. Non-valid replies to "Phone Number" and "Email Address" do not affect the Bot flow report.

Related to the previous item, non-valid user replies do not increase the "Advanced" counter on those nodes. Therefore, until an email address or a number is valid, the node remains in "Abandoned" status.

d. Text bots now support MMS.

You can add images to nodes in the bot builder, and send and receive images and files via text messaging. The size of the outgoing file within a bot node and in a live conversation is limited to 600 kilobytes. JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files are supported.

e. The conversation search by Bot name has been updated.

When you use the bot name filter on the Conversation tab, the results will return all conversations where the selected bot was launched itself, as well as all conversations where that bot was launched with the Bot Connector node.