Release notes - v0.75

Date of Release: December 3, 2018



  1. Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
  2. Instabot Account
  3. Update/Add Instabot JavaScript to your website


The below enhancements are new functionality items in this version.

Updated Instabot Design

We are really excited to announce that Instabot has gotten a makeover! We have spent the last few weeks studying user interactions with our bot to identify where we can improve the design.

We hope you like the changes we have made and keep an eye out for a few new features to follow in the coming weeks.



In order to use this design, you must go to the UI settings for each existing bot and opt in to the new design. Once you publish the change, your bot will use the updated design.


Small Changes to Builder UX

We have made two small improvements based on some usability testing.

  1. On the Bot Management page, the Edit button call to action button is now always green and bold.
  1. When you select into an existing bot to make edits, the Preview pane will be opened by default so you can interact with it right away and see how the current version appears to your users.

Fixed Issues

The below issues are fixed items related to known issues in previous versions.

  1. The User download was missing a few user properties due to hitting a max number allowed in the export. This has been fixed and all user properties are included in the downloaded file.
  2. Zapier updated their flow to require a change in sample data. This was causing issues when creating new Zaps. We have fixed this so sample data is accurately sent when building Zaps.
  3. Users - Advanced Search was missing some user properties of select data type. This has been resolved.

Functionality no longer supported

No functionality has been removed in this version