Release Notes - v0.76

Date of Release: December 18, 2018



  1. Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
  2. Instabot Account
  3. Update/Add Instabot JavaScript to your website


The below enhancements are new functionality items in this version.

1. Instabot User Account Permissions

Have a large team that you want to focus on different aspects of your Instabot campaign? Well now we have account permissions for everyone you invite to collaborate on your bots.

You can restrict your team to different functionality on the site depending on their specialty. Maybe your sales team is only interested in reviewing the leads coming in and you do not want them to have access to change your bots. Simple give them "Bots-Read Only" permission and they can not make any changes. This applies to all major functionality sections of the Instabot portal.


Additionally, you can control who has Admin permissions on your account. Admins are able to manage any user and has access to the billing tab of your settings.

Manage user account permissions in the Accounts tab of your Instabot settings.

2. View Published Bots in a Full Screen Experience

We have always had the full screen bot experience available, but we want to bring it more to the front after you publish your bot.

The full screen bot is a great way to send around the bot for feedback from your colleagues. They are able to engage with the bot the same way it will appear on your website.


3. Add a semi-transparent background to the opened widget to highlight your bot on your site

The semi-transparent background is a common UI element in pop outs to make highlight a specific call to action on your site. So we have added this as a configurable option in the bot triggers.

Try it out!


Fixed Issues

The below issues are fixed items related to known issues in previous versions.

  1. User list - Search for users by email or full name values.
  2. Improved reset password flow that does not require you to log in after changing your password.
  3. Monthly Active User Calculation on Billing page reflects the number of users who have engaged with a bot.

Functionality no longer supported

No functionality has been removed in this version