Release Notes - v1.0.0

Date of Release: February 12, 2019



  1. Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
  2. Instabot Account
  3. Instabot JavaScript added to your website


The below enhancements are new functionality items in this version.

1. Salesforce Direct Integration

Now get all of your qualified Instabot leads synced into Salesforce for a seamless client management workflow. By authorizing Salesforce within Instabot you can sync leads, and the user properties you collect in the bot, with your Salesforce Lead list after the user completes a certain goal such as "Email Collected".


You must be on the Advanced subscription in order to connect to Salesforce.

2. Script Node Type

The Script Node is an advanced node type that greatly extends the power of the Instabot platform. Use the Script Node to manipulate the bot output and perform complex computations in order to give user feedback customized to their session.


Learn more about Script Node from our documentation.

Fixed Issues

The below issues are fixed items related to known issues in previous versions.

  1. Performance improvements
  2. Office 365 showing select dates as Available when they are actually unavailable.