Release Notes - v1.0.3

Date of Release: March 25, 2019



  1. Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
  2. Instabot Account
  3. Instabot JavaScript added to your website


The below enhancements are new functionality items in this version.

1. Monthly Billing Plan

We now offer a new billing option that enables you to subscribed on a Month-to-Month basis. If your not quite ready to commit to a full year and want to test Instabot out on your site, then the monthly subscription is right for you.

Update your subscription type from the Billing Account Settings page.



If you have already started an Annual plan, you will only change to Monthly Subscription once your annual agreement expires.

2. Typeform Import

We have a new way to create an Instabot! Introducing a feature to import your Typeform questionnaires into a bot.

Importing your Typeform allows a seamless transition from old style form inputs into modern conversational experiences for your users. Once you import the form, iterate on it so the bot experience feels natural.


Select to add a "New Bot" from the Import from Typeform option. Simply authenticate your existing Typeform account and select the forms to import.


It's as simple as that - have fully built bots in minutes from existing Typeforms that you have already worked hard on.

3. Manage your teams Calendars

Do you manage the calendar setup for your team members, maybe you need to update their settings for them? Well now you can once they have authenticated their calendar the first time.

Simple change the setting for "Viewing calendar settings for:" to the teammate whose settings need to be updated.


The calendar settings will update to show the selected user's current setup. Once you make changes, be sure to save the calendar and your all set. This will give you flexibility when managing multiple schedules on your team.

4. Integrations - Send Goals as CRM Properties

Continued updates to our native integrations with Salesforce and Oracle Eloqua have led to the next critical improvement.


Now you can send the name of the completed goal as contact field value for the CRM. Additionally include the date that the goal completed in order to keep your CRM and Instabot activity perfectly in sync.

Fixed Issues

The below issues are fixed items related to known issues in previous versions.

  1. Zapier - Access URL that bot is launched on for your Zaps.
  2. Bot Preview - Links are not selectable
  3. Bot Preview - Add Webhook placeholders to reduce confusion of webhook syntax.
  4. CRM Integration was sending user properties with [""] around each value.