Release Notes - v1.0.4 and v1.0.5

Date of Release: April 23, 2019



  1. Latest version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
  2. Instabot Account
  3. Instabot JavaScript added to your website


The below enhancements are new functionality items in this version.

1. Goal Conversion Graph

Now you can view the conversion of your goals over time and compare it with the number of engaged conversations. By analyzing these two metrics on the same graph, you can understand the trends in conversion of each goal.

Hover over each vertical bar to view the conversion rate of each goal for the week or month you are looking at.


2. NPS Node Type

With the release of the new NPS node type, you can easily collect feedback from your users and measure it reliably using the industry standard promoter score. By collecting net promoter score, you are able to monitor the change in your customer's feedback over time and understand if the work you are doing is trending in a positive or negative direction.


Select this node type in the Advanced group of the bot builder menu.


3. New Bot Templates

In an effort to expand the possible use cases of adding a bot to your service, we have created a bunch of new templates to get you started. Each one focuses on a configuration of Instabot designed to collect user information and return useful information.


Use a template as a foundation and customize it to meet your bushiness' needs.

Fixed Issues

The below issues are fixed items related to known issues in previous versions.

  1. Bot performance improvements
  2. When using custom CSS, bot header and description was not editable.
  3. '+ Connect another calendar' is not shown after calendar disconnection
  4. User List Export - Remove the [""] syntax around user property values