Release Notes v2.0.28

Date of Release: May 4, 2022

New Features

1. Core Platform

a. Sound notifications for incoming messages in live chat.

Agents can now enable sound notifications for incoming messages in active live chat conversations with clients.
The notification is off by default, but can be turned on in the Settings tab of the Conversations section.


b. Agent availability status.

Every agent and admin can now set their availability status with a toggle located in the top right corner. By default, the agent will be set to Unavailable and will need to manually toggle to Available to show up as online.


Agents can set their status (Available/Unavailable) manually, but as soon as the user closes an Instabot portal in the browser, an agent's Available status will turn to Away and be restored when an agent opens the portal again.

In addition, agents can now see how many other agents have indicated they are available online to accept live chats. (This list includes agents who are Away).

On hover, a detailed list with agent names and availability status will be displayed.


c. Persistent bot mode becomes available after bot is re-published.

End-users can now load all of their conversation history even if the bot was updated and re-published. Previously, each publication of the bot removed old messages.

d. Plugin management improvement.

To avoid errors, a confirmation message will now display when a user tries to delete an installed plugin.