Release notes v2.0.29

Date of Release: May 16, 2022

New Features

1. Mobile App

a. Response templates for live chat mode.

Now agents can add a templated response to live chats in iOS & Android apps.

The interaction is similar to the web portal. An agent can open a list of existing templates with the "flash" icon beside a text field and then choose a phrase to add. The pre-populated message text can be edited before sending.


Also, once a chat is taken over by an agent, an Introduction message will be populated in the text field (note: this only works if there is an existing introduction template).

Templates can be managed on the web in the Templates tab of the Conversation section.


b. Badges for Live Chat Conversations

We're continuing to bring more web-based features into our mobile apps. To make navigation through live chats clearer, agents can now see two types of badge indicators in the list of live chats.


A blue badge marks the agent's own live chats. Live chats taken over by another agent will have the agent's avatar beside them.