Release notes v2.0.34

Date of Release: July 25, 2022

New Features

1. Core Platform

a. Easier chat assignments

We modified the chat assignment popup to a large overlay screen that has a lot of space and makes it easier to find and select agents from longer lists. The "Reload" button can be used to update the current activity of agents to get an up-to-date status on who is available or most busy.


b. Updated activity counter.

As soon as we enabled assigning of live chats to other agents, we also modified the counter of conversations on the assignment overlay. Now it reflects now many chats are assigned to each agent, so users can opt to assign chats to those who are least busy.

2. Mobile App

a. Assign and take over live chat conversations from the app.

Now, similar to the web portal, all agents can assign, re-assign, or take over all active live chats right from the mobile app.
Assigned agents will be notified by a push notification and can respond directly in the app.


b. Speedier chats and replies in the app.

We've made performance improvements that have increased the average conversation loading time in the app to about 1-2 seconds.

3 Public portal

a. New e-book for small-business

A huge number of small businesses make use of Instabot in a number of powerful ways. Check out the page to get access to 7 powerful ways that small businesses can use chatbots to increase revenue and streamline operations. Visit our small business page to get this free guide.