Does Instabot support different languages?

While there's no automatic translation in Instabot, you can build bots in any language. If you need to support different languages, you can choose which bot will appear depending on the triggers that you set up for each bot, or you can add logic to the bot for allowing users to choose a language.

Let’s see how to set up multi-language support in two alternative ways.

Alternative 1

  • Clone your English language bot, and change the content to another language in the new bot, for example, Spanish.
  • Set up your new bot to be triggered only for users located in a specific country. In the Bot Management tab, select the bot that you want to trigger for a specific country. Click the Edit button and go to the Triggers section. On the Who configuration set up the “Located in” option by selecting a specific country, for example, Spain. So, the Spanish language bot will start only for users located in Spain, the rest of the users will see the bot in English. Also, you can set up the “Not located in” option, for showing your bot for all countries unless a specific one.

Located In option

Alternative 2

  • Create one big bot with 2 or more branches in different languages. Each branch will have the same logic but the nodes’ contents will be written in a specific language. Make the first bot's question a multiple-choice node so that the users can select what language they prefer for chatting. Based on the user selection, one of the multi-languages branches will be run.
    Please note that the Instabot portal and Instabot app are only available in English currently.