What is Google Dialogflow?

Dialogflow is Google’s NLP platform that makes it easy to design and integrate a conversational user interface into your mobile app, web application, device, bot, interactive voice response system, and so on. Using Dialogflow, you can provide new and engaging ways for users to interact with your product.

Instabot Dialogflow node incorporates Dialogflow expertise directly into your bot to provide your users with rich, natural language comprehension in free-text nodes.

With Dialogflow, it’s easy to create a free account with a Gmail address. To learn more about Google Dialogflow features and how to create a Dialogflow account please see the extensive Dialogflow documentation here

In the following sections, we will learn:

  • How to integrate your Dialogflow account in Instabot
  • What needs to do in Dialogflow to prepare data for using a Dialogflow node
  • How to add a Dialogflow node to your bots