Conversational Landing Page


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  1. Configure Instabot as self-hosted conversational landing page
  2. Embed the landing page into your website as an iframe


Build a conversational landing page where the conversation is the center of attention; no code required!

Here are a few ways Instabot conversational landing pages can be used:

  • Drive ad traffic to custom landing page with your company's branding
  • Have a more focused conversations with your site visitors by making your bot the center of attention
  • Share a self-hosted landing page via email, SMS, Twitter, or Facebook!

See an example of a conversational landing page here - <>

1. Configure Instabot as self-hosted conversational landing page.

Any bot you've built can be used as a self-hosted conversational landing page.

  1. To get your bot's microsite URL, open the bot management page, find your bot, click the 3-dot menu, and select "Share"

  1. See an example of this here - <>

2. Embed the microsite within a webpage as an iframe

The microsite is most often used as a self-hosted conversational landing page for the bot, but you can also embed the microsite anywhere within an existing page as an iframe

To embed Instabot within your website as an iframe, copy the below code into your page's HTML source where you would like the Instabot to appear.

// example page with 2 iframes, top iframe has an embedded YouTube video, bottom frame has embedded an Instabot microsite

<iframe width="420" height="345" src="">></iframe>

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="60%"></iframe>