How to use NLP in Instabot?

Instabot provides tools that allow both technical AND non-technical people to easily integrate Natural Language Processing (NLP) within their bots to make them smarter.

You can integrate NLP processing in your bots by:

  • Using our generic NLP node
  • Integrating with Dialogflow, the NLP platform of Google, using our Dialogflow node

Basic NLP with our generic NLP node

Over the years of Instabot, we have captured thousands of responses from our users and have analyzed them extensively to train our bots. All this time we were training our bots, we realized that this could be generalized and applied to your bots, too.

So we used all of that training data to set up some basic intents that you can add to any bot.
Once the intent is identified, you can build a conversation path based on the user's intent. All you have to do is select which intent value you want to check for.

Our generic NLP node is a good start for introducing NLP processing in your bots by providing all the training data and eliminating the need for third-party integration. All you need to do is provide the custom responses for each predefined intent.


NLP Node

Please see the articles here to learn how to add our generic NLP node to your bot.

Google Dialogflow integration

The Dialogflow node incorporates Google's Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning expertise directly into your bot to provide your users with rich, natural language comprehension in free-text nodes. This node sends the user’s question to Dialogflow and displays Dialogflow's response directly back to your user!

For using the Dialogflow node in your bot you will need first to have a Dialogflow account and integrate your account with Instabot.


Dialogflow node

Please see the articles here to learn all the steps required to integrate your Dialogflow account with Instabot and use the power of the Google NLP platform in your bots.