Why do I not get real-time alerts?

If you are not receiving real-time alters in your web browser, please check the followings:

  • Instabot is allowed to send notifications through the web browser. The way for allowing notifications depends on the web browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge). Please find here more information about Real-Time alert settings.

  • You are not using Chrome in full-screen mode. In full-screen mode, Chrome hides notifications.

  • The “Show notifications banners” option is turned on. You can find it in your Computer Settings: System Settings --> Notification & Actions --> Get notifications from these senders. Please see the images below.


System Settings


System Settings (Edge)

  • The “Focus mode” or “Focus Assist” is not turned on. This characteristic can block the notifications. Please see the image below for deactivating the Focus Assist

Focus Assist

  • Also please take into account that certain Ad Blocking software could prevent Instabot notifications; please contact your IT team to ensure that this may not be the issue.

If real-time alerts still do not appear on your device, please feel free to contact [email protected] for further assistance.